Spyware Exterminator and PC Protection

Spyware Exterminator comes alive with a brief but juicy post on how you can keep your PC safe, clean, protected and secured against pesky viruses.

One, instal an antivirus application, software or program.

Two, launch the antivirus and have it scan your PC for threats and risks.

Three, Scan every removable or external digital memory device or card before you open it or access files or media stored on it.

Four, keep your anti virus updated.

Five, be careful of sites you visit online. Monitor sites your friends or siblings visit online too if they use your PC at all.

Six, under no circumstance and for no reason at all must you disable your anti virus program on your PC. Your PC becomes vulnerable and it's security can be compromised.

These tips are still the basic start up to keep your PC safe, protected and secured against virus threats and risks.

Spyware Exterminator blog will be back with more helpful information. Cheers