Browser Hijackers on the Prowl

Spyware Exterminator is live again with another juicy information that is bound to get you interested; this time around it's all about those websites which unknowingly to you have suddenly taken over your browser homepage, search page and all what nots.

These are Malicious software aka Malware at work, period.

It happened twice to me already i.e. my browsers were hijacked by spurious websites and would you believe it I had a tough time getting rid of  these pesky computer malware menaces.

The popular name for this annoying development is Browser Hijackers. Find below a short list of such websites...

There are many others but these have been provided so you'd know what is being talked about in here.

What are these? Alright, may be I need to slow down and back up a bit. You see, it doesn't matter whatever type of internet browser you have installed on your PC; be it Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc these menaces have no respect for anything.

Given the opportunity, they will infect your system.

Have you launched your internet browser and all of a sudden noticed sites such as delta search,,, etc pop up out of the blues? It will interest you to note that you can't ordinarily uninstall or delete these malwares from your PC.

You may as well try to uninstall your browsers (mozilla, explorer, chrome, etc) and re-install them back at a later date. That's just a waste of time because the moment you fire up your freshly installed browser to surf the net or browse on the internet these malware sites pop up again.

This is not only annoying, it is equally frustrating to say the least. You can't even hold your peace and allow these be either.

How are you to clean your system and be rid of these pesky malware sites or is it best to state browser hijackers for good? Answers will be provided in the next spyware exterminator blog post; bookmark this page or site, will you?